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Post by laree826 on Sun Jun 19, 2011 9:53 pm

Ok, so I took James to Pizza Inn for his Father's Day dinner (i dunno, that's just what he wanted) and I was driving my mom's car with Kayla in the back. When we got to the parking lot, there were two cars backing out of parking spot right next to the door, and another truck waiting for the cars to back out. Since there were two cars backing out and one car waiting, we decided to wait for the cars to back out and park by the door!
So the first car backed out. I was going to let the truck park first since they had been waiting there longer. But they weren't moving. I waited a while, and James told me to park. Which I did. And then truck rolled down one of their windows, and a big, burly old guy started yelling at me. Like, wtf did I do wrong? I waited for you park, and you never moved. The other car pulled out, and the truck parked next to me.
I had to roll down my window in order to open my door from the outside since that door was broken. The guy was getting out of his car and just yelled "Well, THANK YOU!" in a snarky voice at me. I said nothing to him, but James lost it.
He said "Don't you dare talk to her like that! She waited for you and you didn't take the spot! You're getting out of the car before us anyway, so it's not a big deal."
The old guy said, "Well all I said was thank you."
James "In a smartass way. You don't talk to her like that. She's a woman and deserved respect!" me: silent
The old guy told us to grow up and give our elders parking spots first. Rolling Eyes gawd, he was just so rude!
And then, while I was at the buffet, the old guy walked up to me and just stared at me in a mean way! I told him to back off and then went back to our table. It bothers me that people can be so rude. And this is why I hate driving in town >Sad
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