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Post by TMS Team on Thu Jun 16, 2011 6:29 pm

1. Please do not use this forum to complain about a certain member. If you have an issue with a certain member, please contact one of the moderators. (Their usernames will be bold in blue)
2. The Suggestions forum is here so that you may voice your opinions. If you have an idea for a new sub-forum, please post it here. If you have a complaint about how a certain forum is being run, you may post it here. Bottomline, do not use this forum to rat out other members. That is what moderators are for. Remember, this forum is public, and everyone can see what you write here.
3. Please do not ask for certain threads to be posted. You, as a member, have the authority to post threads throughout the forum. If it gains enough attention, it may be stickied. It is up to you to post certain threads.

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